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What Does “Awesome” Mean?

What Does “Awesome” Mean?

A Tale of Two Weddings: Trump and Biden

Last month, I told you about the great sex, but how much of that sex could you say was good? That doesn’t quite cover it, does it? I’ve said “good” before, but it doesn’t really cover it. I’ve said “great”, but if I used that criteria, it would be very hard to call any of it great. I’ve said “awesome”, and if this was the year of the awesome, there was no way it could get much better than this. When I say “awesome,” it will usually either be an awesome-ness that comes from the awesome-ness of the sex or an awesome-ness that is the awesome-ness of the sex and is also the awesome-ness of the sex. Usually, both.

And right now, you’re probably thinking that “awesome” doesn’t really cover it. And in a country as big as ours, where “awesome” is pretty much an everyday term in the public vernacular, even “awesome” does a poor job covering it. The whole thing is very weird, and we could all use just a little more great and awesome. But mostly, we just think we need more great and awesome.

So, what in your past has been called awesome? If we’re going with that criteria, then the answer is not “all of it.” The answer is “not all of it.” The answer is “not any of it.” And the funny thing about the weird is that for all the talk of “great” and “awesome” and “wonderful,” they’re mostly words that are always going to describe a part of someone’s past, not the whole of it. Because when we talk about who we are, we are really in the present. We’re not in the past; we’re not in the future. We’re talking about who we are right now.

But what we’re talking about when

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