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The Jets Could Win a Super Bowl

The Jets Could Win a Super Bowl

For the Jets, There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Sauce (Gardner)

“When I was a kid,” Hall of Fame pitcher Bob Feller said of his first time in a big city, “I got into trouble in Chicago for wearing short pants and the wrong socks and had the wrong haircut.” When it comes to the Jets and the idea of playing in New York, there’s no such thing as too much sauce.

It’s probably not a stretch to say that the Jets have the best team, or at least a better team than many of the other teams in the league. After all, it’s not like there aren’t other teams that have better talent.

If the Jets can make the playoffs, I know everyone wants to talk about how they’ll win a championship, but I say the Jets could win six or seven in a row for all you guys out there to put your money where your mouth is.

There’s no better place to start than to ask a question – did the Jets ever win a Super Bowl?

They haven’t, but that hasn’t been for lack of trying. For the first time, they have a legitimate franchise quarterback in Mark Sanchez. They’ve been in the playoffs four times since their inception in 1994, and two of those years have resulted in victories, including a stunning overtime comeback in 2000.

They have the most balanced team in the NFL, and they have four of five starters on both offense and defense that could win the NFL MVP Award. Their most significant player on offense is definitely Mark Sanchez, who has led the team to a 10-4 record over the last four years and helped them build one of the most consistent and successful offenses in the NFL.

Not only that, but they’ve made the playoffs every year since 2002. They’re in the top

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