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The Guardian’s Report on the Death of a Former Tennis Player

The Guardian’s Report on the Death of a Former Tennis Player

Fan takes legal action against Nick Kyrgios after allegation that she was ‘drunk out of her mind’ at Wimbledon final day party Read more

On the surface, the story is intriguing. Given how long it took for the full story to surface, though, it looks like a mere rehash of a story that was on the front pages of newspapers, albeit with a somewhat different spin.

At least, that is the impression we get from the stories themselves. The ones that have made their way to the pages of the Guardian and SportsCenter.

It all started when a former friend, who knew a woman, told her, “A girl I used to know died in a boating accident. A friend is being sued for the loss of life. She had a very powerful legal team and a media blitz. They are calling the police and all sorts.”

The friend’s source was not only the friend, it turns out. It was also the friend’s father, one of the lawyers involved in the case. At the time, the father contacted the friend, asking her not to come forward. The source told the Guardian: “When I heard this, I was aghast. He did the unthinkable. He told his daughter everything. This is a man who is supposed to be a man.”

In any event, the friend told her father about the claim, and he told her to “stop the car, get out.”

The friend had been a regular at parties at Kyrgios’ home since the first time she met him. She had become friends with the tennis player’s father, who knew about her friendship with Kyrgios. When the father told his daughter to stop going to parties with his friend, she began to go to parties with her friend, the story goes.

The story about the friend being drunk at tennis finals parties had not until now been aired, so the story went something like this: “I had a very important dinner date tonight and I was super excited. I was there for Nick’s friend’s father. She was drinking too much and we were having a really fun night.”

At that point, the Guardian was granted exclusive access to her testimony, a few hours before she testified, and it is a remarkable document. It’s striking to see the lack of irony in her description

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