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Netflix Subscriber Growth: 6%

Netflix Subscriber Growth: 6%

Some good news for Netflix, with subscriber gains in the third quarter of 2012 and first quarter of 2013. Netflix has added more subscribers than the rest of the major pay television and digital video companies combined, as per the latest numbers.

Netflix’s subscriber growth was particularly strong in its core DVD-by-mail service.

During the October-December quarter of 2012, Netflix had more than 600,000 total domestic streaming subscribers, up from around 360,000 during the same quarter last year, when the Internet company launched its streaming service. It is also currently the most-sustained growth-across-all-streaming-business-in-the-entire-United-States pay-TV package, which includes HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax.

With 1,000+ subscribers at the end of Q3, there are now 6,000+ subscribers in total across the Netflix streaming service.

A few people have noticed that in most of my posts recently, I’ve talked about an iPhone 6. I think that the iPhone has a huge impact on the way that we use the iPad and the way we consume content and information. As I get older, I’m less likely to buy an iPhone than I used to be. I just don’t see the point. But Apple still sees a huge user interest in the iPhone.

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