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Balenciaga revealed a black model for its spring 2018 collection

Balenciaga revealed a black model for its spring 2018 collection

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The Spanish fashion house is still working on its new winter season. But for the record, it just released a black model for the fall/winter 2018 collection.

Balenciaga is still working on its spring 2018 collection — there’s been a delay on opening this fall — but for the record, the Spanish fashion house is already showing the new spring 2018 collection.

And this black model, an ensemble that includes a lace dress, leggings, a leather mini jacket with straps, a vest, a wrap sweater, and an oversized black dress, is the showstopper for the spring campaign.

One month ago, Balenciaga debuted the new collections — the brand opened its first showroom in New York at the end of September. Earlier, the brand held its first Paris Fashion Week showroom. And a few days ago, the brand revealed the spring lookbook, which also included a black model among the looks.

Not a day goes by without a new Balenciaga design being showcased on the runway. On its site, the luxury fashion house offers a daily update of the latest designs. From the moment the showstopper was revealed to the designer’s Instagram page, the look, and the outfit were constantly changing.

And that brings us back to the new black-model look.

It’s not clear when the model was revealed, but it was certainly after the first showroom opened in New York — in September — and after Paris Fashion Week. That means the black-model look was part of the brand’s spring 2018 runway in Paris.

But when the brand shared its black look, it mentioned that the model was part of the spring campaigns. So it’s not as if the collection was a surprise for fashion critics or viewers who had closely followed the previous collections. But it’s unclear when the model was first revealed.

A couple of days ago, the designer hinted at the identity of the

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