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World Cup News — France vs. Netherlands

World Cup News — France vs. Netherlands

Senegal Storms Back to Advance in World Cup; Netherlands Wins the Group 1

After a tense start to the World Cup, the world is now at last settled on the first round of the 16-team competition. Germany, who had taken the lead from the United States when they rolled over Portugal in the very first game on Wednesday night, have been taken apart in the opening round.

In Group 1, the Netherlands are coming on like a house on fire, while the French and Germany play a tense and evenly matched game.

And while in Group 2, Cameroon have finally turned things around, Japan have fallen into a hole they have not been able to climb out of.

Now it is time for some World Cup news and a new match to get you ready for the next round.

France vs. Netherlands (Thursday)

The Netherlands is back at World Cup level and looking to keep things that way. They came out stronger in their 3-1 win over Portugal than they did in the first game, while the Dutch won their first game against Italy since 2008.

This is a team that has shown consistent excellence in the past 12 years. They play with a style that makes you want to cheer, even in the smallest of games. They are not the world’s greatest team, but they make the best team.

The Netherlands are at least going to get a good game on Thursday.

Germany vs. France (Saturday)

The Germans are coming out of their shell in this match and they should be in for even a better showing than they showed in their early win over Portugal.

They’ve faced some great teams in this World Cup, but they came up against a pair of really good teams in Nigeria and Portugal in the first two games. This is an important match for them to get a good start, while also looking to take some momentum in their favor to the group stage.

Germany does the team no favors by not showing well

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