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Why I Love Jessica Chastain’s “The Theory of Everything”

Why I Love Jessica Chastain’s “The Theory of Everything”

Review: Jessica Chastain is good as ‘The Good Nurse,’ but Eddie Redmayne is bad as the bad nurse.

When you see Jessica Chastain in a film like “The Theory of Everything,” you tend to hope for a breakout performance that could help push her to bigger and better things. The same can be said about the performance by Eddie Redmayne as the bad nurse. But the truth is that this movie is both a showcase of Chastain’s talents, as well as a proof that it’s difficult to get a great performance out of Redmayne. And you know what? I think the audience would agree.

I’ve always been a big fan of Chastain. I think she’s fantastic in the roles that she’s been given, and I’ve always felt that she could do great things. I think that her role as the good nurse in “The Theory of Everything” is one of the few examples of that. It’s a tough, demanding role that she’s really got down to the nitty-gritty, but I think she’s got a great performance in it. Here are my three reasons why.

Chastain pulls off a convincing portrayal of a tough, demanding, and emotional role.

First, and most obvious, is that Chastain’s acting is very convincing. She looks the part: She looks like a nurse, with a great sense of dignity and professionalism, a strong and dignified presence, and a great, steady gaze. She has a great, strong emotional performance to go along with it. No one comes into this movie expecting it to be a fun experience, and Chastain pulls it off.

I thought her performance was brilliant in the role. It was definitely one of my favorites of hers that I’ve seen. It has that kind of gravitas to it that just makes it seem so real. She’s obviously a great actress, and there’s a lot of depth to her role that you can just feel. The way she is able to put her life on hold during her time with the dead, just her mannerisms and the way that she speaks, it’s just a great performance.

But, more importantly than the acting,

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