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The Vote for Governor Cuomo

The Vote for Governor Cuomo

Endorsement: Retain Chief Justice Patricia Guerrero, Supreme Court and appeals justices

Retain Chief Justice Patricia Guerrero

Patricia Guerrero has been Chief Justice for the past seven years. She has been a true asset of the court, and she will be missed.

Our government needs good public servants who will work diligently at keeping the public’s best interests in mind, as the Chief Justice does. They need to be able to balance competing interests, and they need to be able to exercise power and responsibility in the best interest of the whole.

Patricia is a respected public servant, who deserves the respect of the public.

If you have a suggestion for a nomination, please send it to us in this email, or by dropping it off with one of our volunteers at the Court House or the Supreme Court Library.

If you do not have something to say, but are just curious, please say something but do not be rude — we have enough of those.

If you’re voting for Patricia, please vote based on your sense of who she is, not what you think she “should” be. When the law is the law, Patricia’s vote is what the law will be.

As for the idea that we are now “too close to call” for either of the two candidates, we are in the middle of an election year. There will be another election in 2020, and that may be the one we finally get to vote on.

If you haven’t already, watch our campaign video to learn more about one of our candidates for the 2019 governor’s race, Governor Andrew Cuomo. You’ll also find answers to some of the most asked questions about the election this year.

As it does, we need the votes of the people in this state.

When you are voting for a person for a judgeship or a seat on the bench, it is not a vote just for that person’s past decisions; it

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