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The Ugandan President’s Week in Review

The Ugandan President's Week in Review

Uganda’s President Museveni slams ‘Western double standards’ over Germany coal mine plans

Museveni tells reporters, “We will never let this happen. We will stand here. We will say: We are here, we will not give in, we will not surrender, we will not be divided. We will never give in, and we are not going to.”

By Ed Pilkington

30 August 2014

In the run-up to the Uganda sitting this weekend, President Yoweri Museveni has made it clear that he is not simply there to make a political pitch to local voters or a diplomatic performance to foreigners. When he does come, he is likely to bring along with him some of his key aides and their aides, and the news media will be treated to an elaborate procession of people being called in from the “dark” to explain why they are not running for the president’s job.

The itinerary is as follows:

Thursday: A few days before the polling date, Museveni arrives with his entourage at the office of the Uganda National Teachers Union, where he will announce his decision that he will run for a third term as president.

Friday: He holds a press conference at the Union office, where reporters swarm to ask why he is not running for a third term. As it happens, he does not even mention the question, though he has not actually given away his decision.

Friday: Museveni’s aides are flown to the offices of the Uganda Catholic Bishops Conference, where they will deliver a speech justifying why they should not be made to choose between a third term and the retirement of their prelate.


Sunday: Museveni is flying to Britain for what appears to be a private visit.

Monday: He goes on a press trip to Europe before coming back to the UK

Tuesday: He visits the National Archives, where he will release the names of the people he has signed off for a third term.

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