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The Times Rescinds Support of Councilwoman Danielle Sandoval

The Times Rescinds Support of Councilwoman Danielle Sandoval

Endorsement: The Times rescinds its endorsement of Danielle Sandoval for L.A. City Council candidate. But it keeps them on the board.

After a Times editorial board meeting Wednesday night, The Times rescinded its endorsement of California Councilwoman Danielle Sandoval for a District 7 City Council seat, and said it’s putting that endorsement up for a review.

But in a statement to the press issued after the meeting, The Times defended its past support of Sandoval — it “did not know” Sandoval when it endorsed her.

The statement — which goes on to note how “unfounded” Sandoval’s claims of sexual harassment were, and says The Times doesn’t intend to take any action because a majority of the board endorsed her — says, though, that the editorial board decided to rescind its endorsement because it was informed of a “strongly-held belief that the allegations were true.”

“In that situation, it was not possible for us to fully evaluate the facts and circumstances of the allegations,” the statement reads.

The Times is also still on the board of the Council’s Women’s Caucus.

Sandoval called the Times’ reversal a “vindication” over the years, saying she didn’t deserve the endorsement.

“It’s not just a feeling of vindication, it’s a legal vindication,” Sandoval said. “I had my lawyers. And they said yes, but we’ll go talk to them,” she said.

The Times’ statements indicate that Sandoval’s claims were “unfounded,” which does not appear to have been the case.

The Times has not responded to calls and emails requesting comment on the matter.

Sandoval received her endorsement and “commit to” from The Times on

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