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The Constitutional Republic Is a Power-Mad Diktator

The Constitutional Republic Is a Power-Mad Diktator

Letters to the Editor: How we the people are letting Trump destroy our democracy

It is very important to understand why our constitutional republic was designed with three branches and a representative democratic process. It was intended to provide the very structure of our government with a well-functioning system of checks and balances and separation of powers. It was designed to insure that the checks and balances can be easily used when needed, but to be easily dismantled when the power of the government or the political party that is in power becomes too great. In other words, we cannot let the government become too big (or too powerful) that it is very likely to misuse its power against us. This would be a very bad thing for us and the most dangerous thing would be for Donald Trump to take away his power and use that power to harm the citizens of this great nation.

Our founders knew exactly what they were doing when they designed our republic and when they gave us the two-term presidency as a constitutional way to protect themselves from a power-mad dictator. They also knew and understood the weaknesses of the presidency and the dangers of letting a dictator take away power from the people who put him in office. They knew that the only way we can save our republic and the American people from a dictator is to have the two-term constitution and give the executive authority over the presidency to one person, whose only job is to run that office like a householder runs his or her business. That person also serves as the president when he or she is in office, but he does not serve when he is not in office. That person can’t be removed from office by a majority of the voters because the constitution says they can only be removed by impeachment.

When Barack Obama was elected President, we were given a very important lesson. If all power is given to one person, it will become very easy for that person to abuse that power to harm the American people. When we had the two-term constitution, it was no big deal for the executive branch to say one day he or she wants to expand the government, the next day wants to cut taxes, etc. This kind of double-speak makes us very suspicious. This has not been the case in the past, but today when Donald Trump is trying to do those things, and the media is helping him, we know this is a very serious problem.

The government is a very powerful thing. It can give the

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