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Saskatoon’s bungee-jumping centre will close in January

Saskatoon’s bungee-jumping centre will close in January

Opponents seek to end a bungee-jumping venue, citing environmental and safety concerns.

Saskatoon’s bungee-jumping facility, which critics say has been plagued by safety risks, will shut its doors at the end of January.

The city made the announcement Wednesday in a meeting of the Public Works and Infrastructure Committee, but the news did not reach the public until late last week.

City manager Mike Mansfield said the decision was prompted by numerous safety issues, most notably a fall from a platform last summer, which required several months of expensive rehabilitation.

In January, the city started selling the space to a new company.

But Mansfield said the city is not obligated to continue the arrangement, which included an open contract for nine months ending in June and an interim contract of about nine months.

Mansfield also said the city has started a “review of the company’s environmental compliance,” as well as a risk assessment.

“We’re exploring all options to get rid of this space and we’ll make a decision after we have all of those steps taken, and we are evaluating all of these factors,” he said.

“If we can’t get it, we have to move on.”

The city was in charge of the project under the previous administration, but was replaced by a new city chief administrative officer.

Supporters of the centre expressed disappointment, but said they have not yet decided whether to pursue an appeal to block its closure.

“I feel very disappointed in the city. (It) seems like the city was doing nothing to stop the issue,” said Kim Leung, who helps run an East Saskatoon business, Vixen Artworks.

But she also said the centre was a key part of the community’s redevelopment and future.

“The centre has helped a lot to bring businesses and artists in this area so it’s definitely a negative in the long run but we will see what happens now. We’re still looking at other options.”

Another business owner, who asked not to be named, said he was surprised by the news.

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