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Roger Federer and Christiane Amanpour laugh at each other’s phrases

Roger Federer and Christiane Amanpour laugh at each other's phrases

The day Roger Federer couldn’t stop laughing at CNN correspondent’s Spanish phrases. That’s when he knew this would be a long one.

The Wimbledon Champion returned home to Wimbledon, in the UK yesterday after his first round exit in the men’s singles at the tournament, which is the home of the British Open, where he was an undefeated champion for 17 years, the last 10 of those consecutively.

This didn’t even make the headlines but, according to the reporter, “he couldn’t stop laughing” while trying to describe how Federer was laughing at his phrases.

Now one of those “phrases” are reported in Spanish.

The two men were in the locker room changing their clothes after their defeat. Apparently all they did was talk to each other and laugh.

CNN’s chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour was not laughing because of her language – she did not understand a word of that Spanish conversation. It was because of her tone of voice.

Amanpour, obviously, knew she was not supposed to say to her guests. But she did. And Roger Federer, as usual, couldn’t stop laughing.

“He said, ‘So, how are you feeling now?’” she told her guests, explaining how Federer and his brother had just been told that they’d won the title.

“He asked, ‘Is this a surprise’ and she said, ‘Yes, but not as much as the shock. I couldn’t believe it,’ ” she said.

She said Federer took a deep breath.

“He looked at me, he opened his eyes and he said, ‘This is the most wonderful day of my life.’”

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