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Pelosi to announce next steps after the election

Pelosi to announce next steps after the election

Pelosi to announce ‘future plans’ after GOP wins House seat

Speaker Nancy Pelosi will announce her “next-steps” after the recent election, when the Democratic Party’s House majority begins to dissipate following the election of Republican Kevin McCarthy to the US Senate.

Pelosi said she would announce her plan on Thursday and that it “needs to be about working across the aisle.”

She added: “It doesn’t have to take place in a single day, but when we are in the majority, we have got to do a little of that.”

“We will have a few other things to announce as soon as I get home,” she said.

Pelosi said she spoke to President Barack Obama on Tuesday and described the encounter as very positive.

Obama’s chief of staff Denis McDonough said the two leaders sat down for more than an hour and that they “had a great conversation.”

McDonough said they talked about the administration’s priorities and how they would be carried out.

“He talked about his agenda. He talked about some things we hadn’t discussed before, and we talked around ideas and options,” he said.

On Wednesday, the president will host McCarthy at the White House.

McCarthy, an ally of House Speaker Paul Ryan, will be sworn into office by Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday.

He is the first of the 11 Republican-held open seats for the congressional elections.

The winner of Congress’s biggest-ever congressional majority will be sworn into the US Senate by US President Barack Obama at an event at the White House on Thursday with the new US senator for Wisconsin.

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