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New York Times Food Section — Sunday, April 20

New York Times Food Section — Sunday, April 20

Highlights From The New York Times Food Festival

The New York Times has been highlighting the food scene for the past decade — and counting — by running a food section on its digital site,, while also giving the rest of the paper’s food coverage online.

Here are some of the highlights of this year’s event (with some photos):

· “The New Yorker Food Section” starts Sunday. “We are delighted to bring the section in-house from a time-consuming and laborious process. We’re looking forward to the day when each food item is listed in an encyclopedia entry.”

· The section runs on Sundays only (for now), and it will be the paper’s first full-fledged food section

· “Caterer” — a feature that’s been online over the past few years, but now it will be in-print — gives readers an idea of what food goes into the restaurants, bars, and caterers in the city.

· “The S.F. Zagat Survey & New York Times Food Section” profiles S.F.’s top restaurant, with dishes, reviews and other reviews, written by those who have visited restaurants and sampled food on their visit.

· “The New York Times Magazine Food Guide” profiles restaurants, bars, and other eateries in the city, and gives readers information about food, recipes and food trends.

· “What New Yorkers Eat” tells how the New York Times’ dining section was founded.

· The section also gives readers information about how you can make your local restaurant or bar your new best friend.

· “The Best Recipes” is a new feature that, for the first time, gives readers the opportunity to “buy” recipes, from all kinds of sources.

· “Cooking in the Times” provides an idea on how to prepare the ingredients — like a tomato, for example — to save time in the kitchen.

· “The Best of the American South” is a new feature that tells people what is “the best” and “the worst” of the region’s foods and restaurants.

· “The Best New York City Restaurants” will be on the site in

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