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Netflix’s LGBTQ+ community isn’t a victory for the creators of Twitter

Netflix's LGBTQ+ community isn't a victory for the creators of Twitter

Netflix wanted to remove this violent line from ‘Wednesday.’ The creators pushed back, but lost and eventually gave permission to remove it.

According to the letter written by the founders to the show’s showrunner, the show would now air without its controversial moment between the characters but it wouldn’t air without the offending “tastes.”

This is a victory for the creators of Twitter. Unfortunately, it’s not a victory for Netflix’s LGBTQ+ community.

The letter to creator Ira Glass was published on Wednesday night. By Friday, Glass responded to the letter, saying, “I respect the process they went through. If you have something that needs to be addressed, or if you disagree, I hope you’ll come back at me. That was an opportunity for us to have a thoughtful conversation without taking a side.”

Glass then added, “My hope is that in the future, creators can be invited to our open discussions about content, and I expect the company to invite them when they bring me feedback, without any concern for the politics of an issue that doesn’t have an immediate solution.”

After being told it would be cut in its entirety, Glass said in his original letter that he and his fellow producers of “Wednesday” were “delighted to let you know that we were able to include the scene in the first edit that you approved.”

“This is why the scene didn’t ultimately make it into the final edit, as we were all very clear that our intent was to cut it,” Glass wrote. “We were all clear that we wanted you to be the final arbiter as to what you wanted to see in the show. But we were also clear about the limitations we placed on you.

“While we appreciate that you had this conversation, we don’t think that the time and energy that we put into this conversation should be spent on an ending to the show that’s been in the works for far too long,” Glass continued. “The show’s original plan was to premiere as you intended, and we’ve been working on ending and wrapping the season in the last few weeks, for weeks

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