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How to Keep Your Marriage In Balance When You’re Dispatching

How to Keep Your Marriage In Balance When You’re Dispatching

Flying Alone With Your Kids? Make Sure You Have Proof of Your Relationship

You and your husband will be spending time with your kids — or at least the two of you will. You’ll be playing catch, reading a book to your toddler, or giving each child their own bedtime snack.

You’ll also hopefully be taking some time alone to check on the kids during the day. You’re taking your kids to the library, to the park, or on a Sunday to get groceries.

But what about you? What happens to your relationship when you are away from each other?

Is your marriage still intact?

One man told his wife that if he died the second time, she had to take care of the kids because they were grown. He told her that he might not come back. Then when he did, he found that his wife wasn’t prepared to take care of the kids. This story, according to a divorce expert, is not uncommon.

“If your relationship is going well and you have a good life together, why bother to tell your spouse if you plan to divorce?” says Dr. Judy Rabin-Sloan, a psychologist in Newbury Park, California. “They don’t need to worry about losing your career, your financial life, or that you’re going to be gone and they don’t have to worry about having a kid you love. So if you divorce and go away for a week and come back and you both are still married, what’s the big deal?”

What about your kids?

There’s always risk that you or your kids will get hurt while away from each other.

“Kids are like animals in the wild: they are really unpredictable,” says Dr. Rabin-Sloan. “Some kids are mean and will kick you out of the car door. Others cry with fear when you step out of the house. Children don’t have any control over themselves. So you just have to get along and make sure your

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