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HarperCollins Gives Bob Dylan a Free Advance of $10,000

HarperCollins Gives Bob Dylan a Free Advance of $10,000

Handle with care: Publisher apologizes for fake autograph in Bob Dylan’s $600 book

The book is a work of fiction, but it’s certainly not a fake.

Bob Dylan’s publisher just apologized — for a fake autograph — tucked inside of a $600 book, for a new author’s hardcover that is the work of fiction, although it was also a very funny book.

Dylan’s publisher, HarperCollins, announced Monday that the publisher was giving the author a free advance of $10,000, along with all the royalties earned throughout the rest of the year and beyond. It is the first book the publisher will give away in response to an author’s request.

The publisher’s statement said it found the books “irresponsible” for the “mischaracterization of Mr. Dylan, and the misrepresentation of Mr. Dylan’s life and career.”

But the statement says the mistake has been fixed.

“We apologize and recognize the mistake, and to both Mr. Dylan and Mr. HarperCollins for the trouble that has been caused,” the statement said.

The book is “Bob Dylan: A Life Backstage,” and its press release describes it as a “collection of candid interviews with Dylan and his friends, family and collaborators, exploring not only Bob’s most significant artistic influences but also his personal and musical life.”

As of Tuesday, the book was still without an autograph on page 1.

“We are offering our sincere apologies to Mr. Dylan, and his publisher HarperCollins, and to the many readers of this book,” HarperCollins publisher Katherine F. Weitman said in a statement. “We recognize that there is no way this could have happened unless someone made a mistake in placing the book with the other books in the Bob Dylan library.”

She said she has been in communication with the Dylan family and that they have apologized, but also that they have “made it clear that they do not consider this acceptable and they regret this very much.”

The statement said that HarperCollins would also be offering a full refund to customers who purchased the book.

The release said that Dylan’s publishers

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