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Good Luck to Greg Abbott

Good Luck to Greg Abbott

I’m Greg Abbott: This is why I want Texas’ vote in the midterm election to go differently. Will you help?

On Thursday, Gov. Greg Abbott said he will not pursue a presidential run in 2020. But I’m not convinced this is the end of his political career.

I’ve been watching Greg Abbott for almost 14 years as Texas governor, and I’ve watched him make some of the most consequential decisions in the nation’s history.

His decision to stand with the Constitution and refuse to back the Supreme Court’s decision to gut the Voting Rights Act on behalf of the National Football League was prescient — and a powerful illustration of the dangers of what happens when you allow politicians to get outside the realm of the law.

Abbott’s decision to refuse billions in federal funding to his state, a decision that has created a $5 billion budget hole Texas can’t fill, was a courageous declaration on his part — and a potent reminder of the dangers of allowing the wealthy and powerful to decide how our tax dollars are spent.

I’ve seen him be stubborn, stubborn, stubborn.

He’s also been a good friend and mentor, offering advice and guidance in the most unlikely contexts.

He’s never hidden his love of the Bible.

He’s never hidden his concern for his fellow Texans.

And he’s never hidden his belief that Texas is better off if we’re allowed to exercise our sovereignty and make tough decisions on our own.

It’s been hard to see him go, but it’s clear he has had so much more to say to so many people in so many different places.

I know I can count on him to be a friend and to continue to push back on those seeking to take away what matters most to us.

I want to thank him for being a part of my life. I wish him the best of luck in a career that is in good hands.

I hope to see him again in Texas, and I love his wife, Cecilia. She’s always been there for him.

When I say good luck, I mean the best, because I want to see Greg Abbott be a better Texas governor and be ready to take on the role when his time is up.

And right now, with a Democratic majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, I urge our fellow Texans to send another message that will ensure Greg Abbott lives to fight

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