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Evan Peters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer

Evan Peters: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer

What Evan Peters learned after 10 months in Jeffrey Dahmer’s head

Evan Peters, the actor who portrayed Jeffrey Dahmer for 10 months, told us how he went from wanting to be an architect on a dare to becoming an actor, from his first audition to his first day of shooting, from the horrors he witnessed in the ‘Pleasure House’ house on the outskirts of Milwaukee to that of Dahmer.

Evan Peters had the bright, curly hair, a crooked smile, and the eager demeanor of his character, Jeffrey Dahmer. His goal was to be a part of the “Jeff” film, starring Johnny Depp. He had only heard of the production when the Internet first came in his way. The film was supposed to be shot in Chicago and Evan was there for the production. It didn’t seem like something he would get to do, but his mother mentioned the film and made an announcement about him getting the role. He got the casting call. It turned out he was the only person in the whole Chicago area who got the role.

He auditioned for the part when it was in the middle of shooting. The producers called him to see if he’d come in and say a line. He was really nervous and scared. He was not sure how he did. When they cut his scene they got him to perform the lines in the bathroom. He had really bad diarrhea as a result of it. When he started shooting, he would go to the bathroom because he didn’t want to miss a line. The producer said, “You can just go right by and don’t wait.”

They got through the week. He didn’t realize how much his character influenced his acting. He really wanted to do his best and he was able to do that. He had an acting coach in the film and he got the idea that you can play any role you want to. The coach made him realize that you can also fail. However, you

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