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Carlos Alcaraz reveals personal battle with coronavirus

Carlos Alcaraz reveals personal battle with coronavirus

Carlos Alcaraz to CNN: ‘I’m playing unbelievable tennis’

Former World No. 1 Carlos Alcaraz has revealed his personal battle with the coronavirus to CNN. A Spanish man who has been fighting the coronavirus since late February, Alcaraz says he hopes to return to training in time for the start of the French Open.

Carlos Alcaraz (left) with his coach, the late José Higueras (right)

Alcaraz, who reached the final of the French Open in 2002 and won the tournament twice, has been plagued by a serious knee injury. He revealed he had to play through the illness on the court after taking medication to suppress his symptoms.

He believes the virus and its effects have affected his play and will not be able to compete during the French Open, which begins Monday.

“[The virus] is something I have to deal with during my training sessions,” Alcaraz told CNN. “It’s a pain. I don’t think I should play but I might be able to compete. I hope I can.”

Alcaraz’s wife, Marta, has also had to watch their four children and eight grandchildren, who live in Spain. He said he believes his wife will continue to watch the children in another room as long as necessary to protect them from the virus.

When asked about his personal struggle with the virus, Alcaraz said: “It’s something that I try to fight and I don’t think I’ll be able to. My knee is not going to be the same.”

Alcaraz, 38, lost to Novak Djokovic after a first round defeat in the Australian Open last year.

“I’m very disappointed with the results,” he added. “I was playing very well and I couldn’t win.”

Alcaraz’s coach, the late José Higueras, told CNN he is convinced Alcaraz will overcome this crisis.

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