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California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Clean Air and Clean Water Act Bill

California Governor Jerry Brown Signs Clean Air and Clean Water Act Bill

California seeks to ban sales of diesel big rigs in a bold bid to cut pollution and save money.

SALINAS, CA — The Governor of California, Jerry Brown, has signed into law a bill that bans the sale and use of trucks built with diesel engines in the state. The bill was proposed by Assemblyman Richard Bloom and was voted on by the California Assembly, and then signed into law just last night by Governor Brown.

“California’s environmental protections and economic benefits have long been clear. With this bill, I’m proud of what California will be able to accomplish under this leadership,” said Governor Brown. “This legislation sets a clear national standard for responsible diesel engine-fuel use and is a powerful example of the state and nation working in the best interests of the people as part of the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts.”

The Clean Air and Clean Water Act mandates that motor vehicles using air-borne pollution will be outlawed in California by Jan. 1, 2016. The first diesel-powered trucks in the state were produced by the Golden State in 1959, and since then hundreds of thousands have been sold within California and have been registered for use in the state ever since. The bill was sponsored by Assemblyman Bloom and it passed with overwhelming support from the State Legislature.

“The passage of this bill today is the beginning of the end of diesel emissions in the Golden State. It represents the best of California leadership – a state that lives and breathes clean air. I’m confident that this decision will be affirmed as other companies follow suit,” said Assemblyman Mike Gatto. “It’s not about California vs. anybody else. It’s not about politics. It’s not about the environment. It’s about a clean and affordable future for California families and businesses.”

The bill also bans gasoline-powered vehicles and trucks of any kind. California currently exceeds all federal air-quality standards by over 4,000 tons per year, and with the latest legislation, that is set to be reduced even more.

“Today we have taken a very important step to reduce the harmful pollution caused by diesel engines and we congratulate the Assemblyman Bloom in doing so,” said Congressman George Miller, Chairman & Ranking Member of the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. “The best is yet to come. Governor Brown and I will

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