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Anthony Rapp’s Story of the Rape of David Letterman

Anthony Rapp’s Story of the Rape of David Letterman

After Kevin Spacey verdict, accuser Anthony Rapp vows to ‘fight for accountability’ (with a little help from a few of his lawyers)

Anthony Rapp had been waiting a long time to speak. When he finally did, he told one man’s version of what happened in the room with David Letterman, the late host of “The Late Show with David Letterman,” back in 1982 (Rapp was 14 at the time).

In the days after his testimony to the grand jury, Rapp said he was still being denied entry to the United States. Now the man he accuses of raping him, Spacey, may be serving time in a Florida prison. And while Rapp was out of the country, Spacey has been busy using the Internet to tell stories about how his career was ruined. The actor said he was “a mess” when he arrived at the Ritz-Carltons to meet his daughter, Suri, and his ex-wife, Camille. On the day that Rapp’s testimony was played on national television, Spacey told People magazine that “I want the world to know what really happened. And I want the world to know that I had nothing to do with it. I had always been a gentleman.”

And, in an interview with BuzzFeed, Spacey said that Rapp is “a liar and a rape fraud.” But his lawyer said Spacey was just trying to make a point.

“I love my client, but he was very remorseful and apologetic when we spoke,” attorney Gloria Allred told BuzzFeed. “That’s his message to the public: I regret what happened to him, I regret that he’s afraid to talk about it, and that I’m trying to make sure that the American people get to hear that.”

After the verdict was returned, Rapp, a former friend of Spacey’s, called himself and told his own story on TV. “From his perspective, he doesn’t regret raping me. It’s important to him to talk about himself, and if he’s never wanted to talk about himself

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